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Ask Dave

Putting On Some Pressure

Don has evicted some tenants and has a lien against them for back rent. How hard should he pursue them?

QUESTION: Don and his wife have an LLC that they created to buy real estate. They bought a duplex but the tenants didn’t work out. He took them to the magistrate and won the case, but they still didn’t pay and he evicted them. He put a lien on them and sold the house. They owe him $3,200 in rent. Should he go after them? Not too much, explains Dave.

ANSWER: Put a little effort into it. Just contact the people and tell them you have a lien against them and that you’re trying to decide between garnishing wages or picking up their stuff. If they give you $200, you’ll write it off. These are broke people, and you won’t get much from them. Don’t get crazy with this, but make a couple of phone calls. Don’t put yourself in danger in the process and offer them a deal to make you go away.