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Ask Dave

Travel medical insurance?

Tim and his bride-to-be are planning a honeymoon cruise. He asks Dave if it would be a good idea to purchase travel medical insurance. Dave advises them to first check into the details of their current coverage.

QUESTION: Tim and his fiancée are planning on a honeymoon cruise. He wants to know if it would be a good idea to purchase travel medical insurance. Dave approaches this one cautiously, but gives Tim and his bride-to-be sound advice.

ANSWER: I don’t know why your regular health insurance wouldn’t cover you, except that you might be out of the country for part of the trip. Find out what your normal medical health insurance covers, as far as out of network and those kinds of things.

Most of the time, for instance if you’re doing a Caribbean cruise, most of the out-of-network stuff will work there — but double-check on that. I have never bought travel medical insurance, and we’ve gone on two cruises this year.

Normally, I would say travel medical insurance falls into the gimmick category. But if you’re concerned about it, the best thing to do is check with your current coverage, see what you’ve got, and compare that to what you think might be your risk.