Too Late For Disability Insurance

Kelly is 29, and went to the eye doctor for a regular appointment. She was diagnosed with macular degeneration. She does not have long-term disability. Can she get it now? Dave doubts it.

QUESTION: Kelly in Indiana is 29, works full-time, and she has two children. She went to the eye doctor on Saturday for a regular appointment, and she was diagnosed with macular degeneration. Worst-case scenario, she won’t be able to see in 10 years. She does not have long-term disability. Can she get it now? Dave doubts it.

ANSWER: Go to and click on ELP for health insurance. There is probably one in your area that can search among many different companies and see if they can find an insurance company that will carry you. I honestly doubt that you’re insurable. It’s kind of like buying insurance for your house after the fire. You have this diagnosis that pretty much ensures disability in the future. I don’t know what insurance company is going to be real excited about writing insurance for you. This is a pre-existing condition that they will likely exempt from writing the policy. But I could be wrong, and it’s worth checking into.

In the insurance world, trying to find a company to carry an unusual product or carry an unusual situation or anything is called making a market. What you’re looking for is an independent insurance broker that represents a bunch of different companies, not just one company. They’re not captive to only one company. That way, they can shop around and get you the best deal.

You need a second opinion as soon as possible. I don’t know anything about this, but having lived a long time, I know that doctors tend to over-diagnose things. Have other specialists look at this.

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