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Ask Dave

Insurance options?

Anna and her husband are self-employed, and the pay almost $1,000 a month for health insurance. Dave tries to help her with other available options, but there aren't many.

QUESTION: Anna and her husband are self-employed. They currently pay almost $1,000 a month for health insurance. She has heard Dave talk about the potential for rates to increase as much as 40 to 60 percent next year, and she asks about other options such as just saving the money in case of medical emergencies.

ANSWER: You don’t want to go completely without insurance, because you’ll get penalized by the government. The problem is not an $8,000 kidney stone or a $1,500 bill at the emergency room for a bump on the head and stitches. The problem is a cancer hit that’s $750,000.

You can go with an HSA-type of plan within the exchanges. Another thing you could look at is one of the medical sharing programs through a Christian organization such as Christian Healthcare Ministries. Of course, if you’re not a Christian and the religious ties bother you — and it’s really more than a tie, it’s a requirement — then it would be hard to be part of that and still be truthful.

If you could go with a higher deductible, HSA-type plan, hopefully it would help keep your premiums down. But this is what Obamacare has done to independent people like you and me who are self-employed. It’s just destroying small group plans, and I guess that was their intent. I guess they wanted to put those companies out of business, so that the government could take it over.