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Ask Dave

Insurance Not Paying?

Dave gives Heath some options after Heath and his wife lost their house in a fire, but the insurance company won't pay off the property.

Heath and his wife lost everything in a house fire a year ago.  The insurance company paid off the structure, but they will not pay off the property.  Heath and his wife had filed bankruptcy six months before the fire and the amount of the homeowner’s insurance is more than the value of the house in the bankruptcy.  What can Heath do? 


Read what Dave says:
Anytime you have an issue with an insurance company, this is what you have to remember.  Your insurance policy is a contract that has terms to it.  Your personal assets are to be replaced as stated in the contract.  If the company doesn’t honor the contract you can push them yourself or hire an attorney.  You can also meet with the adjustor, but only do that until you reach an impasse.  After that, hire an attorney.

You can also hire a public adjustor who works for you and takes a fee from you.  They know how to get a more reasonable claim from an insurance company.