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Ask Dave

Staying On Top Of The Insurance

Dave wants Ian to stay on top of the home insurance company when it comes to paying up after a tree falls on his house.

QUESTION: Ian had a tree fall on his house. He is in the works with the home insurance company and wonders what he needs to. Start out by watching out, Dave says.

ANSWER: You need to explain to your homeowner insurance company that you have lots of rights under this policy, and you’re holding all of those rights. This house is going to be put back exactly the way it was and it will be done on a reasonable schedule. You have been paying the company money for years, and now it’s time for them to pay the claim.

Adjusters sometimes get their book of rules out and go by those rules, but their rules are just things they made up and it has nothing to do with the policy. The policy demands they fix the property within a reasonable time frame. Don’t be combative with the agent, but don’t be wimpy. They are forever trying to find a way to cut a corner, so that’s what to watch for.