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Ask Dave

Relying On The State

Paul wants to know if Dave approves of his temporary plan to get state assistance to help out his family after he was laid off.

QUESTION: Paul was laid off and wonders if it’s all right to get state assistance. He has an emergency fund, but is losing his health insurance. Can he get his family covered by state insurance and go find his own?

ANSWER: Taking help when you are struggling and down is absolutely fine to do. To define yourself as being struggling and down is not all right. Don’t think you’re helpless and just sit there waiting for someone to take care of you. I don’t hear that from you.

If I wake up and find I can’t feed my kids or can’t put insurance on my family and the local economy is down, especially in my field, I’m leaving and going somewhere that I can work. I’m either taking them with me or coming home on the weekends and bringing some money.

If this is something that’s only going to go on for a month and you get your kids taken care of and the state helps with that, that’s fine. That’s being a good dad, but that’s not the way you’re going to live your life.