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Ask Dave

Need Help With Pre-Existing Condition

Rachel is between health insurance plans, and is worried about a pre-existing condition she has. How can Dave help?

QUESTION: Rachel had 2 children and was covered by Medicaid insurance. They are between health insurance places, and she is having heart trouble. She is worried that they won’t be approved for a new health insurance plan because this will be seen as a pre-existing condition. Dave breaks down insurance brokers as well as a health savings account.

ANSWER: Call an insurance broker. That’s not an insurance agent that sells for just one company, they sell for many companies. You can find them in the yellow pages. Look for one that will shop several different companies and get you the best health coverage rate for your particular situation.

Another thing you could look at is called the health savings account. It’s a high deductible health insurance plan, but it’s much cheaper per month. You need to save up your emergency fund to cover that high deductible, but it doesn’t cost you nearly as much per month.