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Ask Dave

Dave has answered thousands of money questions over the years.
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Home selling

Sell as-is

Kim and her husband are relocating. They wonder if they should take on debt in order to fix up the house they're selling. Dave has a short and simple answer for them.

Get Out of the Politic Mess

Dustin and his wife need a new roof for their condo. They have an emergency fund, but his neighbors are all broke. How can they take care of this without the condo owing them money?

Needing Big Repairs

Amber can't afford to repair her home, and she is considering just walking away. Dave advises Amber to get with a good real estate agent to dump this house.

Should We Fix Up the House Before We Sell?

Terri and her husband recently inherited her parents' home. The house is worth about $85,000 if it's cleaned up. Without cleaning it up, it's worth $75,000. Should they clean this house up to move it faster?

Married to the House

Daniel bought a home from a bank in 2009. It's livable but needs some updating. Daniel would rather spend his money elsewhere. He'd like to sell it as it is. Should he just sell it and be free?

Land Contract Isn't the Way to Go

Courtney and her husband are moving for his job and they have no debt but the house. It isn't selling, so they are considering either renting or doing a land contract. Is that the way to go?

Cash At Closing?

Kasey is putting her condo on a short sale and she might owe some cash at closing. In the way she describes the situation, something sounds weird to Dave. He tells her how the process usually works.

Helping Dad Out of the Mess

Michael lives with his disabled father. He has about $300,000. His dad owes $475,000 on his house, but it's only worth about $200,000. What should he do to help his father out of this mess?

Haunted House

Rebecca owns a haunted house. She can't live in it, and she can't get rid of the demons in the house. Dave is at somewhat of a loss how to counsel Rebecca on this property.

Wants Aren't Emergencies

Emily asks where in the Baby Steps home improvements fall. Dave says they're a want if they aren't an emergency.

Sell Your Biggest Investment With Less Stress

Find a Seller's Agent

Sell Your Biggest Investment With Less Stress

We know agents near you who can give you peace through the process.
Find a Seller's Agent

Sell Your Biggest Investment With Less Stress

We know agents near you who can give you peace throughout the process.
Find a Seller's Agent