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Ask Dave

Dave has answered thousands of money questions over the years.
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Home buying

Renting vs. buying

After several calls on the topic, Dave takes a few minutes to address the old renting versus buying debate.

Playing With House Money

Andrew and his wife are debt-free and saving for their first home. They have $75,000 in savings. Where should they place this money so that it's working for them while they save?

Should We Buy a House or Rent?

Michelle and her husband are newly married and currently renting. They are paying $1,200 a month. What range of houses should they look at with an income of $7,000 a month?

A Transitional Year

Adam and Kali are considering relocation to Nashville. They own a home. Should they hang on to the house for a year just in case the move to Nashville didn't work out?

Tips on Buying a Foreclosure

George is about to buy his first home. He and his wife are considering buying a foreclosure and remodeling it. Is that a better idea than buying a new home?

Owing on Commercial

Dawn and her husband own three commercial buildings with debt. The buildings are leased out, and they earn $190,000. Is it okay to owe on commercial buildings, or should they work to pay those off?

Using the 401(k) Wrong

Marcus and his wife make $90,000 a year. His wife has $4,500 in a 401(k). Should they cash out the 401(k) and use that money to move to a new home?

Decide What You Can Afford

Jennifer and her husband have been approved for $800,000 to buy a house, but it won't put them where they want to be. Is it a wise move for them to look beyond their preferred area based on their budget?