Recover First, Plan Later

Nancy isn't sure of what to do first since her husband's passing. Should she tithe on the money he left her, or work with the IRA?

QUESTION: Nancy’s husband died at age 52 four weeks ago. He had a 401k and an IRA worth $500,000 and she is completely debt free. She doesn’t know what to do with them, and wonders if she should even tithe on the money. Dave tells her about those things, but he wants her to do something else first.

ANSWER: When someone passes away, it’s good to do nothing but cry at first. You can roll the 401k and IRA into IRAs in your name and not have to really bother with them.

I would just park the insurance money in a certificate of deposit for six months and just cry. Give yourself some space and don’t try to make major decisions while you aren’t plugged in. Just park the money and try to get back to breathing again.