You Need An Air Horn

Sue says her uncle died six months ago. Over the last month, she's been receiving calls from creditors saying she's responsible for his debt since she's the only living relative. Is she responsible?

QUESTION: Sue in Cincinnati says her uncle died six months ago. Over the last month, she’s been receiving calls from creditors saying she’s responsible for his debt since she’s the only living relative. Is she responsible? Dave says no way.

ANSWER: You are no more responsible than I am. You absolutely are not responsible no more than I am. When you die, what you own stands good for what you owe. What you do the next time they call is this. Just tell them that you talked to your financial counselor, and he asked you to get their name and address so that you could file suit for harassment. They’ll hang up. Then they’ll call back, and when they call back, say, “I need your name and address so I can file suit for harassment. I don’t owe you any money. I have never owed you any money nor will I be paying you.” What these people are is predators and they prey on the weak and the ignorant. They think if they just give you a hard enough time, you’re going to pay a bill you don’t owe. People do sometimes. They fold, they cave, and they pay a bill they didn’t owe just to get rid of them.

If the threat of the lawsuit doesn’t work, the third time they call, say, “Listen, I need you to type this into your database. Listen carefully because I know you’re not real smart.” This is how you talk to them. “Any further calls from your organization will be considered an obscene phone call. The way I’ll be dealing with that is a sports air horn, and I’m going to see if I can deafen you. Have you got that, idiot?” Then swing down to Sports Academy and pick up one of those air horns, and when they call, deafen them. Have some fun with it because this is ridiculous. They’re breaking the law, and they’re harassing you. This is ridiculous.

Just put a caller block on it. If the number isn’t recognizable, it can’t come through or if they don’t identify themselves, it can’t come through. Once the number is identified, then put it as a block.

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