You Don't Owe Them

Brittany teaches at a private school. She was awarded a scholarship to study in Spain this summer. It's paid for, but she isn't going since she's leaving her position. The school thinks she should pay for it.

QUESTION: Brittany in Nashville teaches at a private Christian school. Her job isn’t a good fit, and she’s decided to go to a different school next year. A few months ago, she was awarded a scholarship to study in Spain this summer. It’s paid for, but she isn’t sure she should still go given that she’s leaving the school. The school thinks she should pay for it. Dave disagrees.

ANSWER: I agree with you 100%. But they need to transfer it to someone else. You don’t need to go and ask them to pay for it. Tell the headmaster to get over himself. That’s a bunch of crap. Number one, he doesn’t need to be hotheaded about this. This is a professional discussion. When you’re going to be a twerp about something, that just verifies my leaving. Number two, it’s not an insult to the selection committee to choose someone else to go. It’s an insult to you that they gave you an award and are now asking for the money back. You’re being gracious. Tell them to send someone else. I’m not going to pay for me to go. They either pay for you to go, pay for someone else to go, or pay for no one to go. But I’m not going to pay them. Forget that. I think you’re being more than honorable, and I think you’re dealing with a small-minded person who got their little feelings hurt.

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