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Ask Dave

What Is Gazelle Intensity?

Adam wants to know what Dave means by getting "gazelle intense." Dave explains.

QUESTION: Adam on Facebook wants to know what Dave means by getting "gazelle intense." Dave explains that it comes from Proverbs and is a reference to working with such intensity that you go crazy trying to get out of debt.

ANSWER: In the Bible in Proverbs 6:1–7, it says, "If you've signed surety, my son, do this. Give no sleep to your eyelids, no slumber to your eyes, and deliver yourself like a gazelle from the hand of the hunter, a bird from the hand of the fowler." So the way you get out of debt is you run like you are a gazelle with a cheetah chasing you. You go crazy. I mean crazy. Intense! So gazelle intense it's as if you're about to be eaten. You run! When you do that and you have that kind of intensity in getting out of debt, you can break the gravitational pull of stupid and move yourself in a better direction. That's what gazelle intensity is—running for your life.

That is the formula for getting out of debt. It's not as much math as it is just going bananas.