Was Her Son's Identity Stolen?

Danielle's son received a car insurance quote in the mail. Her son is 12, and she isn't sure how to check his credit report. Dave advises her to go to each separate credit bureau to get his credit report.

QUESTION: Danielle in Spokane says her son received a car insurance quote in the mail. They listed him as a 32-year-old man with the same birthdate as her husband. Her son is 12, and she isn’t sure how to check his credit report. Dave advises her to go to each separate credit bureau to get his credit report.

ANSWER: I think I’d go straight to the bureau. Do all three individually, and I think you can get it. I think that’s Annual Credit Report that might have that block. I think anybody that has a Social Security number potentially has a credit bureau report.

This is someone ripping off your identity that knows all of you.

We have the Zander Insurance Identity Theft Protection program that we recommend. What they do is if you are a member, obviously, and something like this happens, they assign a caseworker to you that goes and finds it all and then cleans it all up. And that’s the big difference in these guys’ identity-theft product and everybody else’s. Everybody else just goes, “Oh, you’ve got a problem now!” The Zander thing goes in and actually does the work and fixes it for you, and they know all the tricks of the trade—all the inside stuff to work—and take care of it because it just takes thousands of hours to clean this up.

Someone has stolen your kid’s identity. There’s no question here. There’s some kind of crap going on, and I don’t know if it’s somebody that knows you or somebody that somehow got ahold of both records because there’s too much coincidence here. That’s what makes me think it was family, but either way, you’re obviously not a member, and you can’t buy fire insurance after the house burns down, but because we do so much business with Zander on the identity theft protection thing, they allow us a couple of times a year to assign a caseworker to fix something for someone even though you didn’t pre-buy it. Kelly will pick up, and we’ll get you hooked up with those guys.

I buy it for all my employees, all my family, everybody because it’s just one of the biggest time drains on people—people ripping off your identity. You don’t have to pay anything as a result, but I’m afraid you’re going to get in there and find the kid’s got a mortgage in his name or something weird.

You’re arguing with idiots is the problem.

We’ll have Kelly pick up, and we’ll have a caseworker assigned to fix this for you, and then Kelly, you follow up and let’s have her back on after it’s all straightened up. It may take a month or two, but let’s have her back on and we’ll play a little of this call and find out what happened.

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