They're Punks, But You Owe The Money

Sarah started nursing school this year, and they provided her with a credit for her courses. She discovered they aren't an accredited program, so she left. Does she owe this money back to the school?

QUESTION: Sarah in Indianapolis started nursing school this year and attended two quarters. The school provided her with a temporary credit for her courses until January 1, 2012. However, she discovered they aren’t an accredited program, so she left. Now, they want their money back. Does she owe this money back to the school?

ANSWER: I think your rights are that you have to pay the bill. You signed up to take classes and decided to bail on the program, so any deal they made with you goes away when you bail on the program. The aspect of looking into the accreditation and so forth is on you. They didn’t mislead you in any way. The bottom line is you’re going to end up paying this money. It sounds like they’re used to doing this because they have people who get into this all the time. It sounds like they’re some type of fringe school. They’re acting kind of like punks on how quickly they came around on this. I agree with you that that’s all low-class. The bottom line is you’re probably going to end up paying for this school. You were going to pay for it anyway. You were just going to borrow the money to pay for it before. That doesn’t change the fact that you owe the money. Just go ahead and pay them.

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