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Ask Dave

They're incompetent

Jeffa's husband has student loan debt, and his loan servicer has lost all information pertaining to the loans. Dave tells them to keep bugging the servicer until they find someone smart enough to solve the problem.

QUESTION: Jeffa was recently married, and she and her husband are in the process of combining their finances. Recently, they checked the status of her husband’s student loans online with Navient — the largest student loan servicer in the country — only to find the loans have disappeared from his account page. The payments aren’t due until next year, and they also spoke with two representatives who told them Navient has no record of the loans. The loans total about $15,000.

ANSWER: Well, we can assume what we already know. Navient is freaking incompetent. But here’s the problem: It’s going to come back someday, isn’t it?

I would do two things. I would continue to raise Cain with these people and get someone to find those stupid loans. Keep bugging them. The second thing you need to do is add $15,000 extra to your emergency fund until you solve this issue. If you’ve got other debt besides the student loans, take care of those first.

Things like this don’t just disappear. Ten years from now some goob will dig it all out from under the couch, and you’ll be accountable. That’s why you need to keep bugging them. Make it your hobby!