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Ask Dave

Pause the debt snowball

Adam is going through a divorce that's about to be finalized. He has been following Dave's plan, and was working on his debt snowball. Adam asks if it's okay to pause work on the debt snowball while getting back on his feet financially. Dave and his daughter, Rachel Cruze, both say yes.

QUESTION: Adam is going through a divorce that’s about to become final in two weeks. He moved in with his parents temporarily, while he saves up money to get his own place and start over. Adam makes $30,000 a year, and it looks like he’ll have around $43,000 in debt when the divorce is finalized. He asks Dave and Rachel Cruze, Dave’s daughter, if he should pause his debt snowball in order to financially get back on his feet again.

ANSWER: Yeah. You’ll just need to rent the cheapest place you can as soon as possible. And you’re going to have to push pause just to get that place. Then, once you get in there and get your life on operational mode again, so to speak, financially — I know your heart is still hurting and you’ve got all the emotional and spiritual things to deal with, but financially once you’re in an apartment — you’re ready to rock on. What do you think, Rachel?

Rachel: That’s exactly what I thought. There are reasons to pause the debt snowball, and one of those is going through a divorce. Not only are there expenses, but you may have payments you don’t even expect. I think the motivation, the heart behind the debt snowball is that you gain momentum and traction, and you do it quickly when you’re in a position emotionally. You may not have that right now, so I think pressing pause and building up for expenses that may come — plus getting your own place — is great. I think it’s important for people to know that there are reasons to pause the debt snowball.

Dave: And that’s pause, not stop. It’s a different button. Don’t push stop, push pause.


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Jump-Start Your Journey

Jump-Start Your Journey!

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Jump-Start Your Journey!

Pay off debt. Save your money. Get started with our free 4-Day Jump Start.