Help Grandma Stay In Her House

Andrew says his grandmother recently had emergency surgery. In the process of getting her insurance information, they discovered severe financial issues. Should they pursue this legally?

QUESTION: Andrew in Indiana says his grandmother recently had emergency heart surgery. In the process of getting her insurance information, they discovered severe financial issues. His grandmother hadn’t created this mess, but someone in the family did. He isn’t sure if his grandmother was aware of what was going on. Should they pursue this legally?

ANSWER: There’s a difference between a moral issue and a legal issue. If you have a parasite in the family who’s talking Grandmother into giving him all her stuff, then that’s somebody who just needs their butt whipped. But if there’s a parasite in the family who’s been stealing and signing someone else’s name to something, that’s criminal fraud, and that could be turned over to the D.A.

The first goal is let’s keep Grandma, who’s 80 years old with a heart problem, in the house. Let’s keep her lights on and her food paid. If the credit cards don’t get paid, they don’t get paid. You take care of necessities first. Then Uncle who stole the money can start repaying on the credit cards as they can or as you can talk them into it. I wouldn’t pay a dime on these credit cards because I don’t think Grandmother on a $1,200-a-month income has enough money to pay on the credit cards and eat. I don’t think getting a mortgage on her house is a wise thing. I would let the credit cards go bad.

By the way, Grandmother carries responsibility for this. Her son as the thief carries responsibility for this, but so does the credit card company for loaning an 80-year-old woman money who has no money and has no income. If you make that loan and you lose some money, it’s kind of like you deserved to. So I’ve got very little sympathy for these credit card companies in this case. The person in this story I have the least sympathy for is the uncle. He doesn’t work much. Maybe he needs to look for somebody else’s work and get his butt in gear delivering pizzas and papers and shoveling out houses on construction sites. I think he needs to self-contract his butt to a job and pay back the money he stole from his mother. There’s being sorry and then there’s being sorry and then doing something about it.

I think you need to criminally prosecute this guy if he won’t go get a job and start paying this money back. I don’t think Grandmother can pay it back. I think eventually they’ll get around to suing her if she doesn’t pass away first. Eventually, this house will be sold in her estate to pay off her debts, which were run up by her sorry kid.

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