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Ask Dave

Don't Remember That Bill

Matthew was blindsided by a collections call for an old medical bill of his wife's. His wife doesn't remember the bill. Dave suggests that Matthew's wife needs to talk to the doctor's office herself.

QUESTION: Matthew in Alabama got married about six months ago. However, he was blindsided yesterday by a collections call for an old medical bill of his wife’s. The bill is $500, and his wife doesn’t remember the bill. Matthew asked the collections agency for an audit. Dave suggests that Matthew’s wife needs to talk to the doctor’s office herself.

ANSWER: Your wife needs to go over to the doctor that she uses and ask to go through the records with the business manager. If they refuse to do that with her, she needs to change doctors. Doctors who are twerps don’t need to get business anymore.

If you can’t resolve it then, you’ll have to settle it in some way or write the dispute letter until they prove to you that this is a real debt because you believe all these bills are paid. Until you give me proof in audit that this is a real debt, you’re not going to get paid. Send them a letter to that effect. Fight with them.

But I’m going to go sit in the doctor’s lobby and explain to him that he’s about to lose a customer. I’m also going to tell everybody in town I know not to go over there, too.