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Ask Dave

Credit Report Mix-Up

Kay and her husband pulled their credit reports and discovered someone else's credit report has been confused with Kay's due to a wrong number in her Social Security number. How can she fix it?

QUESTION: Kay in Ohio and her husband pulled their credit reports. They financed their first house in 2008 and discovered Experian had messed up Kay’s credit report. Someone else’s credit report has been confused with Kay’s due to a wrong number in her Social Security number. How can she fix this? Dave tells her to become their worst nightmare.

ANSWER: Go ahead and send your information to Experian. You’re sending it to them. They didn’t call you. This is not a phishing expedition. I’m good with that. You’re going to have to make a hobby out of them. You get mad about once or twice a year and work on this, and you’re going to have to stay mad once or twice a week. You send them a piece of paper a day until they fix this—certified mail, return receipt requested. You call them. You become their biggest nightmare. Bother the crap out of them.

If your local credit bureau branch in your town represents Experian, good. Wear them out as well as the national home office for Experian. Be on the website bothering them every day with email. Call them every day. Every day, you just get up and have an Experian moment until you get this fixed, because the problem is, you’re dealing with two major issues at the credit bureau: people who don’t care and people who aren’t competent. When you put those two things together, you have what’s known as a moron.

It’s not identity theft. It’s a typo at the credit bureau. Nobody stole your identity. This is an idiot who typed in the information wrong on your credit bureau report and consequently, all the bad stuff’s being fed down that Social Security number. Wear them out!