Collectors Are Nothing Compared To This!

Joe has been through a lot, and the collectors are still showing no mercy.

QUESTION: Joe in Iowa has been fighting leukemia for 18 months and has beaten it. He is a year behind on one of his credit cards. The balance has gone from just over $1,000 to over $2,600. How can he deal with this? Dave’s answer may surprise you.

ANSWER: Tell them to sue you! Dude, you just beat cancer. The credit card is nothing. Call the collector and tell them that your financial counselor is irate because they are treating a cancer survivor this way and there's no mercy in this equation at all. Tell them your counselor said to offer them $1,000 cash as a settlement in full. Otherwise, you're going to go before the judge and tell your story and embarrass this credit card company. See if that doesn't make the judge tell them to accept your $1,000.

Honestly, a little humanity is in order here. Where's the humanity!