Can I Book a Hotel Without a Credit Card?

James asks if it's possible to book a hotel without a credit card. Dave says yes.

QUESTION: James on Twitter asks if it’s possible to book a hotel without a credit card. Dave says yes.

ANSWER: Sure. It’s called a debit card. I don’t own a credit card. I have four pieces of plastic in my pocket. That’s all. Cash and four pieces of plastic. I have a debit card on my business and a debit card on my personal account. I have a driver’s license and a handgun carry permit. Those are the only plastic I have in my pocket. That’s it.

My debit card will take me everywhere your credit card will take you. It’s a Visa card. It will be accepted everywhere that Visa is accepted.

Some hotels put a hold on your account for the amount of the room or one night’s stay or two nights’ stay or whatever, so you actually need to have money in your account. Hello! There’s a thing. Don’t be traveling without money. “I’m too broke to travel.” That means you stay home. That’s how that works.

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