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Ask Dave

Dealing With Idiots

Doug is tired of dealing with the moron collectors at American Express. Dave gives him the lowdown on dealing with them.

QUESTION: Doug is dealing with American Express. He lost his job four years ago then started his own business. He’s been using a credit card to purchase things. Doug then realized his business was not going to make it. He is making late payments on his $22,000 debt and they are threatening to sue. Dave hears how Doug is doing the best he can do and explains how to handle American Express.

ANSWER: When you make payments on your debt, even if they’re late, it messes up their computers. It lightens up the tension of the collectors because you’re sending them money. But it doesn’t keep them from being able to sue you. If they say they’ll sue, just tell them that you’ll pay the court instead of them. There’s no sense in arguing with these idiots anyway. This collector is a powerless person who probably won’t be on the job 60 days from now.

Technically you’re in default and they could come after you. Tell them you’re willing to talk to them once every 2 weeks. If you call sooner than that, you just hang up. You’re doing all you can do and not dodging them; you just don’t have the money. You’re getting on your feet while working through this, so don’t take abuse from some idiot in a cubicle.