You Can't Just Cruise

Ricky might have to make a painful sacrifice so his family can continue to win.

QUESTION: Ricky works for a company that won a trip on a cruise. They have to get passports, etc. and must pay for everything but the trip itself. They have $49,000 in debt, including $7,000 in collections. His wife said they can’t afford it. How does he tell the company that?

ANSWER: Is there that much pressure to go? If not, then why does the company care? It doesn’t hurt the team if they don’t go. You’re in collections on your bills, so how can you go on vacation? Tell the company you can’t in good conscious, go on this trip when you owe money to people and haven’t paid them. The company won’t lose you to poor money management, but right now you just can’t go. If it’s a decent company, they will understand that. It’s a good temptation, but the fact that you are walking away from the temptation is great.