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Ask Dave

Company Card

Carla's husband isn't getting reimbursed very quickly on travel expenses. They need to negotiate a change or a company card.

QUESTION: Carla is debt free except the house. Her husband has a good salary, but his company expects him to pay for travel expenses with a credit card in his name, and they reimburse him. Sometimes the reimbursement doesn’t happen for two or three months? Can they bill travel expenses to the company, or do they have legal recourse?

ANSWER: There’s nothing legally you can do, but you can talk to the company and tell them that you live debt free and you need a company card or cash furnished to you. You’ve got to negotiate this so it doesn’t become a deal breaker at the job. Credit cards are done all the time in corporate America, but if you’re valuable to the company, you can sit down and tell them that this needs to change, or you can’t work there.