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Ask Dave

Student Loan at Zero-Percent?

Dave doesn't like Robbie's idea of getting a student loan, much less getting it to pay off her high-interest credit cards!

QUESTION: Robbie is a guidance counselor working on her second Masters degree.  Should she use the 0% interest student loan she’s been offered to pay off her high-interest credit cards?

ANSWER: You should never take out a student loan.  The high-interest credit cards need to be paid off as soon as possible, and the interest you will pay on them in the meantime is not that great. 

If you were in a huge worst case scenario, your student loan would not be bankruptable, but your credit cards would be.  I am not saying you are bankrupt or are going to be.  You should just pay off your credit cards – do not go get a student loan to pay off your credit cards just because the interest rate is lower on the student loan.