Does Everyone Have a Credit Score?

QUESTION: Dave talks about the FICO score.  A question is emailed to Experian asking, “Is it true that rich people don’t have a credit score?”  The Experian “expert” answers the question, but Dave laughs at the answer.

ANSWER: Experian says "Only rich people are capable of attaining no FICO score...but all savy financial planners use credit and make it work for them."

Boy that's a good laugh.  The FICO score measures how much debt you currently have and how well you are paying it off.  So if someone has no debt, there FICO score is "0".  A person could have millions in the bank and no debt at all, but have a FICO score of "0". 

And think...this score is what's used in this country to determine who's doing well with their money? Makes no sense to me.  I guess that's why my FICO score is "0"!!!