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Ask Dave

Threatened By Collectors?

The best way to deal with collections agencies is to settle with them and get on a payment plan - and put it all in writing.

QUESTION: A listener is being threatened by a collections agency.  What can he do?

ANSWER: If you legitimately owe the money, they can take you to court, but they probably won’t.  You need to settle with them and get on a payment plan – and make sure you get the terms of that plan in writing.  If they won’t come to an agreement, you need to follow these steps (actually, you should follow these steps either way):
  • Get on a budget.
  • Sell stuff.
  • Take an extra job.
Most collectors are just trying to intimidate you.  Have short conversations with them and when you negotiate never give them a post-dated check and never give them electronic access to your bank accounts.  Pay them as a separate item each month as agreed.  You can only succeed at that plan with a budget.