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Ask Dave

Bill Collector at Work?

Bill collectors are breaking federal law it they continue to call you at work after they've received your written request to cease.

QUESTION: A listener asks how to stop a bill collector from calling at work.

ANSWER: Inform the collector that, according to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, you are notifying them that your employer has asked you not to take those calls at work.  They will not stop calling because they lie and break federal laws so you will have to send them a letter via certified mail, return receipt requested.  In the letter you should tell them that you will communicate with them on a reasonable basis at appropriate times.  Give them your home phone number and tell them that is the only number at which they are to call you.  Tell them this is a formal notice under federal law. 

They are breaking federal law if they continue to call you after they’ve received your written request.  You can threaten them then with legal action and can even take legal action against them if they keep harassing you.  If they keep calling you, don’t talk to them.  Tell them they can’t call you at work, they received your certified letter, and hang up on them.

Of course, the best way to keep collectors from calling you is to pay your bills.