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Ask Dave

Got The Wrong Gal

Mike needs help in sorting out the mess with the credit bureau report of his wife, when it is not even her fault.

QUESTION: Mike pulled his wife’s credit report in March, and there is an account on there to a collections agency. They were told that it’s incorrect and the information belongs to someone else, and they promised to take it off her report but never did. How can they fix this? The key to this is in writing, Dave says.

ANSWER: Send a certified letter, return receipt requested so you have proof of delivery, and tell them that you discussed how they have the wrong person and these people have falsely reported this on her credit bureau report. You asked them nicely to remove it and they broke that promise. Now you are demanding that they remove this immediately. If it’s not off her report within one month, you’ll sue them and turn them over to the Federal Trade Commission.

Then write to the credit reporting agency and report this as a mistake on her credit report. Tell them that, according to the Federal Fair Debt Reporting Act, you are challenging the accuracy of this report and want it removed if they can’t prove it’s your wife within 30 days. If they can’t confirm it, they have to take it off.