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Ask Dave

In Deep On Her Debt

Something smells funny about the credit card situation that Ben is telling Dave.

QUESTION: Ben has been battling a collection agency for a while over a debt that he thinks was created by his ex-wife. She took out a credit card while they were married, but he had no knowledge of it and never signed anything. Dave tells him why he doesn’t need to worry, as well as how to deal with these bottom feeders.

ANSWER: Your name must be on the account fraudulently. What you are dealing with here are bottom feeders. Debt buyers are the worst of the worst. As you have found, you’re not dealing with intelligent life; it’s just a barking dog on the end of a chain. They honestly don’t care if you owe the money; they want to collect it anyway. If they are a big enough pain in the butt, you’ll pay them even if you don’t owe them.

Begin to abuse them. You’ve been too nice. I would sue them if they put this on your credit bureau report. Tell them you’ll sue them for defamation of character. Tell them they will either clean this up, or you will turn every lawyer loose on them. Punch them in the face; they’re the bottom of the barrel.