Jerks Won't Take The Payment

Jeremy can't understand why a collector won't take his letter of dispute, but Dave tells him how to deal with them anyway.

QUESTION: Jeremy is on Dave’s plan. A couple of weeks ago, he sent out some payments and also letters of dispute. One of the collections agencies refused his payments and also wouldn’t accept his payment. What’s he supposed to do? Dave thinks they are being butts, in more ways than one.

ANSWER: If they don’t accept it, then they don’t get paid. Keep a copy of the cancelled checks. You can try to send a certified letter via FedEx or UPS, because you just want to track the delivery.

If they are being difficult, they are the last to get paid, so tell them to bite your ankle. Treat them like the scum that they are. They try to irritate you because if they do that and make you mad or afraid, you’ll pay them. Tell them about 10 times that you won’t pay them if they don’t take your certified mail. When they accept them, you’ll send some money.