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Ask Dave

How You Run Them Through

Ever wondered what the difference is between running your plastic through as a debit card or credit card?

QUESTION: Marlon asks what the difference is between running a car through as a debit card or credit card. What’s the difference?

ANSWER: It is a Visa product, and the store you’re at can process it like a Visa card. It runs through the Visa system, and they pay Visa a fee just as if you had used your credit card if you push credit. If you push debit, you are not using the credit card function of it. You are using the ATM function of it. You have to enter your personal identification number, and it runs through your ATM system instead of through the Visa system.

I recommend pushing credit and run it through the Visa system, because that gives you the Visa protection. If there are any problems with that transaction, Visa promises to clean that up if someone tries to steal something. It doesn’t save you money one way or the other.