Old And Scraping The Bottom

It's time for sweet-natured Kathy to turn up the heat on a collector who is hassling her over some old Sears credit card debt.

QUESTION: Kathy’s husband had a Sears credit card in the late 1980s. They wanted to buy a home in 1993 and had to settle the debt with that account. Now they are being contacted by collectors who want them to pay up. Even Sears says that his credit is clean and there is nothing to pay. Dave wants her to get mad.

ANSWER: These people buy very old debt, the majority of which isn’t even old. Sears sold them that account. Somehow, Sears showed that you once owed the money, and this guy is a shyster. Show him paperwork that this debt is paid, and you are turning them over to the Federal Trade Commission and suing them.

Get in the faces of these people and tell him you will use the court system to make their lives miserable. You don’t owe this debt and he’s going to hassle you until you pay him; most people do that because they don’t do conflict. Punch him between the eyes with this. Unleash your anger on him. These people are bottom feeders.