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Ask Dave

That Ain't Our Job!

You won't believe what the credit card people are telling Adam about his automatic payment on his credit card debt.

QUESTION: Adam has a credit card debt for $3,000 from when he was 18. They will only accept automatic payment from his checking account. He opened up an account and put special money in there. He’s one payment away from paying it off, but they say it’s not their job to send him a letter saying it’s paid off. What should he do?

ANSWER: Tell them you’re not giving them another penny until they give you an accounting of the debt. They have to do that according to the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. You’ve been abused when you allow people to say it’s not their job to account for this. For all you know, they may say you still owe $3,000. Collectors lie and are crooks. These are idiots in a cubicle. Have them send you a letter saying this is the final payment. When they do that, you can put the last money in the account. If they don’t, don’t pay them and tell them to bite your ankle.