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Ask Dave

Dirty Credit Cleaning Place

Marquita thinks a credit restoration company is a good idea. Dave gives all the reason why it isn't.

QUESTION: Marquita has a question about a credit restoration company. Is it worth it to invest in that?

ANSWER: Why do you want to do that; so you can go out and borrow money again? I would never hire a company to do credit restoration ever. Your credit can only be restored by time, or you cleaning up your bad debt by paying on it, or inaccuracies on your credit report that can be taken off. If that’s the case, write a letter to the credit bureau report agency, and send it certified mail, return receipt requested. Tell them in that letter that there is an inaccuracy on your report and they have 30 days to correct it or take it off, and they’ll take it off since they can’t correct it because you never did it.

When you think one of these companies can straighten your stuff out and do credit repair, that’s when you get ripped off. You cannot have bad credit taken off your credit report legally unless it’s inaccurate. Do not hire this credit restoration service company under any circumstances.