Getting Under Your Skin

What is a collector really doing when they say all sorts of mean and nasty things to you?

QUESTION: Emily is on Baby Step 2. She got a phone call from a debt collector on a late medical bill and the collector was threatening her. How does the process work for a collector to sue her?

ANSWER: You’re not dealing with intelligent life. She’s talking in circles; you’re dealing with an idiot in a cubicle 500 miles away. The collectors are not well-trained, but they are trained to make you emotional. She was trying to push all your buttons and finding out which one you would respond to, so they can push those buttons again later. They found out that your credit report is your weak spot, and they will wear you out with that. They’ll try to make you illogical and get you to act in fear to pay your bills, and you shouldn’t do that.

Assess your overall situation. Pay for food, utilities, house and keep the cars running. Then do a written budget and pay your debts smallest to largest. Don’t give them access to your checking account and never give them post-dated checks. She wasn’t trying to be logical, she was trying to get you emotional.