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Ask Dave

No Kindness, No Money

Mike's wife co-signed for a cell phone, and now the others aren't paying. Her wages are garnished, but there is a twist here.

QUESTION: Mike’s wife co-signed for a cell phone in 2002 for some family members. They ran the bill up and are now not paying. They have garnished her wages, but she has since had a stroke. Mike has paid $1,000 and they are saying he owes more. Dave tells Mike that’s it’s time to starve these people out.

ANSWER: You don’t owe any money, your wife does. Call the attorney and say you were told by your financial advisor to take every financial asset out of her name. There’s nothing in her name now, and because the attorney has been so unreasonable, you’re not paying them any more. Once you’ve done that and established that your wife is judgment proof, tell them the only way to get money is through you. Now you’re back in power; that’s how negotiations work.

This is a legitimate bill, but you’re not getting anything unless we do a deal. Then make them an offer and get it in writing. But you can’t take anything from her because she has no assets. Get in these people’s faces because they have abused you on this. You’ve paid back for the services used, and now they are trying to take you to the cleaners on attorney fees and interest.