Payback Time!

Does Dave agree with Darlene's tuition reimbursement plan for her daughter?

QUESTION: Darlene’s daughter completed her second year of college in May, and they reimburse her tuition if she gets at least a C average. She works part-time during the year and pays her own car insurance. Does Dave agree with tuition reimbursement? Dave explains how he did it.

ANSWER: I didn’t do it on a tuition refund basis, but getting their tuition is contingent on them going to class and doing the work. None of my kids are 4.0 students, so I didn’t require that of them. What I did require was work ethic, effort, living their lives cleanly and walking with God. I’m more concerned about all and the proper habits than the GPA. The GPA is indicative of those habits in a lot of cases. We didn’t do it your way, but I love the thought of performance-based incentives. Be prepared, though, to issue some grace in the process.