Asking For A Raise

A listener wants to know how to go about asking for a pay raise.

QUESTION: A listener wants to know the best way to ask for a raise at work.

ANSWER: The first 10 sentences should be about gratitude, things you love and appreciate about the business and how you are thankful for the job. Then you would say that you are always looking to improve yourself, and that you want to know what the boss thinks that you can do to improve yourself, and these are the six things you are doing to improve yourself that add value to the organization and make you more valuable than your paycheck indicates. Then ask for your compensation to be reviewed based upon these six things you’re doing that are huge services to the organization. This is why you think you’re worth more.

You could also go to something like and do a compensation study of your position type. Use lots of smiles, lots of gentleness, and no bitterness or anger. No threats or coercion or those kinds of things. It’s persuasion. Keep in mind that no is a possible answer.