Old Job Overpaid

Watts got overpaid after he quit his bank job, and Dave says he needs to get the bank's HR to respond or hire an attorney.

QUESTION: Watts quit his bank job and called back 3 months later about his 401k. The bank kept depositing his checks into his checking account and may have overpaid him. Since he had left the company, HR doesn’t care anymore. Recently, he got a bank letter saying the bank is treating that extra money like a loan. What should he do?

ANSWER: Get HR to respond or hire an attorney. Tell HR that if they don’t respond, you’ll pursue legal action against them. Set the money they paid you aside and don’t spend it on a leather couch or something. Find out if they overpaid you and by how much so you can return the money. Get all up in HR’s face and make them get you some answers.