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Ask Dave

Recommended reading

Dustin asks if Dave can recommend books on starting a small business. Dave's ideas include a mix of newer releases and classics.

QUESTION: Dustin asks if there are any books on starting a new business that Dave recommends. Dave has several ideas for him, including newer titles and a few tried and true classics.

ANSWER: For ladies starting a business, I would recommend Business Boutique by Christy Wright. It’s a number one national best seller that we published. Christy is one of our Ramsey Personalities. EntreLeadership, a book I wrote, is also a good read when you’re looking at starting and operating a business. It also was a number one national best seller.

There are others out there, but I’m at a loss at the moment to think of one that focuses just on starting a business. I read everything that Malcolm Gladwell writes, as well as Pat Lencioni, Jim Collins and Seth Godin.

That gives you some fantastic business authors to read. None of them, to my knowledge, have written a book specifically on starting a business, but all of them have written a book you should read. I would also read The E Myth by Michael Gerber. That’s a great book.