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Ask Dave

How Not To Be A Hypocrite

Monique may be feeling some guilt when she tells Dave that her company takes credit cards and does six months same as cash.

QUESTION: Monique owns a roofing company who offers six months same as cash and takes credit cards. Is she being a hypocrite by doing that?

ANSWER: If I did it, I would be an extreme hypocrite. In your case, I wouldn’t say that, but you need to ask yourself if the way you do business is blessing your customers. If you come to believe that it’s not blessing your customer, you are going to lose some customers by not offering the financing. You have to think about offsetting that and what some other marketing strategies are.

It could be that you start to more actively discourage rather than encourage the use of those. I would tell people not to borrow money and save up for three months and buy the roof. But also tell them that you have these options available, and then step back and let them be an adult and make the decision. I don’t think you are being hypocritical; just make sure you are serving your client well.