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Ask Dave

Staying Away From Scams

Dave tells Randy how he can separate the scams from the legitimate home-based business he wants to start.

QUESTION: Randy wants a job at home and wonders how he can separate the scams online and on TV from the real jobs where he can make money.

ANSWER: Most of the business-in-a-box things that you see for home businesses are a scam. One or two are legit, but it’s not worth it trying to weed through them. Besides that, you’re looking at it the wrong way, just trying to make some money.

If you’re going to start a home business, it ought to be in something that you know about or love to do. A friend of mine loves guns and decided to do some gunsmithing, and before you know it he’s got a business. Maybe you love to do accounting and you could do some work like that for small businesses from your home. Don’t buy a business-in-a-box; that’s a bad plan. Stick with something you love.