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Ask Dave

Get Along Or Move Along

Bill hired an employee for his small business, but something is going wrong.

QUESTION: Bill owns and operates a window business in his small town. He hired an employee and has spent a year training him, but they don’t share the same morals. They have nothing in common and don’t talk, but he does what he’s told. Bill doesn’t want to train his competition. How does he handle this?

ANSWER: I ran into the same thing when we were starting a business. I’ve learned to be very careful in the hiring process. I have people who work on this team that I’d like for them to have dinner with my kids. The other thing I’ve learned is if you would not hire them again today, then you have to learn how to move them along. If you would not hire this guy again, he needs to change his character or leave your organization. You want to mentor him as a man and transform him. If he can’t be mentored, I’ll be very generous with the severance and move him out. Then I’ll bring in a new one and start training.