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Ask Dave

Dave has answered thousands of money questions over the years.
Find the answer to your question here.

Business and leadership

Handling small business growth

Karin's small business is growing like crazy, and she's not sure how to handle everything. Listen as Dave gives her some great advice that would benefit any budding entrepreneur.

Designate a percentage

How should Luke handle the cost of upgrading equipment? Dave tells him how he does it.

Hiring the right person

Bryan is having trouble with a hiring decision, because both candidates are evenly matched after several interviews. Dave offers a few suggestions that might help make the choice a little easier.

A hobby that makes money

Pat has a hobby that has begun earning money. She asks Dave if it's time to consider her artwork a business.

No cash businesses?

Heath wonders what Dave thinks about the recent trend of some businesses no longer accepting cash as payment. Dave tells him it's kind of silly, plus there's the possibility of the practice doing damage to a company's market share.

Treat them like family

Rob is starting his own business. He asks Dave if it's better to give team members more money or more benefits.

Budgeting for taxes

McKenzie is new at the small business game. She asks Dave how to budget for quarterly taxes and how much to save.

Recommended reading

Dustin asks if Dave can recommend books on starting a small business. Dave's ideas include a mix of newer releases and classics.

First, get a real job

Nicholas has big plans for his future, but he's also got a lot of student loan debt. Dave helps him sort things out, as Nicholas works to make his dream of being an entrepreneur come true.