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Ask Dave

Invest in you

Chandler is working his way through college. He asks Dave and Chris Brown if he should invest any additional pay, or simply save it for school expenses.

QUESTION: Chandler is 19, and he’s putting himself through college debt-free. He usually works part time during school, but right now he’s working full time. Chandler asks Dave and his guest Chris Brown, the host of Chris Brown’s True Stewardship, what he should do with the extra money he’s making from full-time employment. He has about $2,000 in mutual funds at the moment, and he’s wondering if he should add on to that or simply pile up the cash to help pay for school.

ANSWER: I’m going to invest in Chandler. That is, make sure you graduate from college first and foremost, and that you do that debt-free. So I’m piling it up. What do you think, Chris?

Chris: Yeah, during this season of your life, you want to keep that money liquid. Keep it available and on hand. Don’t tie up that money right now, because you’ve got too many things that are up in the air.

Dave: It’s best to get you graduated and landed into the new job and new place you’re going to be living in, wherever that is. If it’s the same place, that’s fine. But all of that takes money, so let’s make sure that happens. You are a better investment that mutual funds are. I know you are, as long as you go do something with the education and you get an education in something that’s useable.

Hey, good job, man! Thanks for the call.


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Learn to Budget Like a Pro

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Learn to Budget Like a Pro

Get the Free EveryDollar Guide to Budgeting