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Ask Dave

Her Birthday Money is Symbolic

Charles has a thought about what his wife should do with her birthday money.

QUESTION: Charles from My Total Money Makeover says his wife received $100 for her birthday. He asked what she planned to do with it, and she said she was adding it to her blow money. He wanted her to put it toward their debt but bit his tongue. Should he say something or let it go?

Dave's ANSWER: You better let it go if you're a smart man. It's $100. It does not move the needle. It's symbolic is all it is. You're about to get yourself in marital problems there, Bubba.

Seriously, if she wanted to do that, that would be fine, but it's only $100. It was for her birthday gift for her to buy something for herself. If she adds it to her mad money envelope, that's just fine. There's nothing wrong with that. If she called and asked me, I would say it was fine. It would also be fine to put it on the debt. It's not any big sin on her part, and you going and trying to get her birthday money—that would just be a bad, bad plan. Stay away from that.