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Ask Dave

Be Motivated By Passion

Katie is a newlywed. They haven't modified their monthly budget to adjust their lifestyle. How do they harness this behavior?

QUESTION: Katie in Toronto is a newlywed. They haven’t modified their monthly budget to adjust their lifestyle. How do they harness this behavior? Dave tells Katie they’re going to remain normal if they continue to do what they’ve been doing.

ANSWER: I think the first thing you need to understand is that normal is broke. Your behaviors create your money situation. If you follow normal people’s behaviors, you’re going to get normal people’s results, which is broke. I don’t want to be normal. I want to be excellent. That’s step one to defeat it.

The second thing is how do you go about resetting your mind to where you don’t care what the peers are doing around you? One thing is you recognize that what they’re doing is not working. The second thing is that the more deeply you care about your goal, the more passionate you are about your goal, the less you are looking out your peripheral vision to see other people’s reaction to your behaviors. In other words, when I went broke and lost everything 20-something years ago, I figured out that the plan we were using obviously didn’t work.

When I went broke and lost everything, I said, “Gosh, I don’t even care what other people think. We’ve just got to go win.” That was one of the beautiful things that came out of me going broke. I still don’t care what people think. Actually, my wife wishes I cared a little bit more. I just really am not motivated by the opinions of others hardly at all. A lot of that is I’m just more focused on our family tree. I’m more focused on building wealth to be in a position to give.

I have very little time for other people’s opinions of me. I don’t need your opinion of me for me to be okay. I think some of that is woven into age, and some of it’s woven into experience. Some of it’s woven into pain. There are a lot of different things there that come up, but the big deal here is put your eyes so firmly on a goal that you passionately want to achieve, and if you passionately want to achieve it, the more passionate you are, the less you’re concerned about the movements or the opinions of others.